Thursday, 9 August 2012

Models Own - Ibiza Mix

Models Own - Ibiza Mix Nail Polish - Boots £5.00

(I do apologise with how dark the picture is - it took severl attempts and this was the best out of the bunch)

I was intrigued to try this out as I seen it on quite a few blogs and thought to give it a try. Oh my Zeus was it hard to get. Every single time I went into boots it was sold out, I had a lot of frustration trying to buy this product but one day I was in town quite early and there it was.......BACK IN STOCK!

So I grabbed hold of it as quick as I could and went straight to the till. I was a bit worried at first as it looks like black nail polish with glitter sparkles inside, but I still bought it anyway =).

So later that night I tested it out, my first attempt of trying it out I used Barry M in 504 Mint Green and put the Ibiza mix ontop.

It worked out very well and looked quite girly but was I shocked with the smell of this product (Ibiza Mix). It reminded me of car paint and was very strong and over powering but I procceeded through and was pleased with the outcome despite the smell.

It lasted for at least 5 days but I chipped it in work (dont know why I bother sometimes as I always chip my polish in work) and thought it was time to take it off.

I used the Boujoir 1 second nail polish remover.

This has been on every blog I've read so far, but it is great stuff. The smell is a lot more pleasant than normal nail polish removers but it still does have a hint of the smell. I wont bore you with how the product works as im sure you have read it plenty of times before (that you stick your nail inside the sponge, a couple of spins and hey presto the polish is off - although is dosnt take a second to come off)

When I used the remover, I found that it took of the colour polish off but not the sparkles so I had to do it manually with normal nail polish remover. You need to have patience of a saint as it does take some time and force to get it off. It is incredibly strong (which I suppose it has to so the sparkles dont fall off) so I suppose it's great in that sense but after a while of forceful-ness to try to get it off, your nails do hurt after a while, and yet I still continue to use it lol.

How did you find on using these products? Any easier tips to get it off without the strength of the Hulk for help?

'If I'm not back in 5 mintues.......just wait longer - Ace Ventura'



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