Friday, 25 May 2012

Vosene Shampoo.....Strips Colour??

Now I've never heard of this product till my mum mentioned it to me. She's having the same problem as me, too much dye build up and wanting to light it up but without using harsh chemicals like bleach etc. I was sceptic at first but after researching this product and asking a few of the girls in work about Vosene, apparently it is well known to help 'strip' the colour out of your hair and people swear by it. I use the word strip lightly as it's not an instant fix to help lighten you hair. Depending on the colour build up, the first wash doesn't really do much. Now I'm not sure if it has anything to do with using box dyes or getting your hair coloured at the hairdressers as my mum has been having faster results than me (she goes the hairdressers), but I have to tell you to persevere with it as it slowly but surely lightens your hair if you box dye it.

It does leave your hair a bit dry and 'tatty' while you're washing it, but as long as you have great conditioner to put on after you shampoo, your hair will go back to its regular condition. My mum had been recommended by the hairdresser to use this product once or twice a week, but I've used it every wash as I want to quicken the lightening process. When you wash your hair with Vosene, make sure to leave it on your hair for about 3 mins, like you would with conditioner, as it works through your hair. Rinse as normal and then put conditioner on your hair to get it back soft and shiny again.

This product is very popular because when I went to shop for some more for me and my mum, Boots was sold out and Superdrug had small stock of them. I managed to get it from Superdrug with my student discount for 89p which is an absolute bargain. My mum got the first bottle for £1.99 from somewhere (I'll have to ask her), but shop round first as I managed to get it cheaper.

When I've got it a bit more lighter I'll blog some before and after shots of this product and see what you think.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks they would like to share on lightening your hair without using harsh chemicals would be great.

'Live long and prosper - Spock - Star Trek'

Jen x

Im Baaaaaack!!

Hey Everyone I'm back (again), my poor laptop was sick and I had to take it to the laptop doctors and the poor thing had to be kept overnight. But it's all in tip top shape again and all fixed, so I'm back and blogging again.

I have some new purchases to tell you about and some new items to my collection. I'm also getting my social life back on track and been going the cinema to watch the anticipated 'The Avengers', which by the way was TOTALLY THE BEST MOVIE EVER!! Me and my boyfriend got the chance to see it in IMAX 3D and was worth every penny, sadly it's been taken off IMAX ready for Men In Black 3 (which I need to see soon) but I do recommend to watch it while you can still see it in either 2D or 3D (DO IT!!). I also went to see 'American Pie Reunion' and great Scott (BTTF reference) I was in stitches and grossed out at parts but still found it a really funny movie all in all, considering it didn't get very good reviews, I think if you haven't grown up with the boys since their planning of losing their virginity, then you wouldn't enjoy this film as we would.

What did you think of the movies? I'd like to hear what you thought.

I'll update soon on my purchases and let you know what I thought once I've uploaded my pictures from my camera to my now healthy laptop yaaay!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine.

I'll be back!

Jen x

Friday, 11 May 2012


Hey everyone, I am so sorry that I haven't wrote anything in a while, as most of you will know it's that time of year were it's been exams and deadlines, so I have been mad mad busy. Hope you are all well, but I am back now as I have finished for the summer and will update soon with all my latest purchases, which has been a lot as I've been quite stressed for these past few weeks, I have treated myself to a thing or two. I'm really gutted as I went on my laptop to do an update, an sadly I cannot connect to the Internet. I can't find the reason why, everything else that needs to use a wireless Internet connection works fine but my laptop. So for now I have had to borrow my mum's iPad to write this blog, yes my own mother has an iPad an I don't lol. But I'll be getting my laptop fixed ASAP and will continue to blog my new goodies to my lovely followers. Take care, live long and prosper!! (my glasses tag would be here if I new how to do it on this iPad) Jen x