Friday, 11 May 2012


Hey everyone, I am so sorry that I haven't wrote anything in a while, as most of you will know it's that time of year were it's been exams and deadlines, so I have been mad mad busy. Hope you are all well, but I am back now as I have finished for the summer and will update soon with all my latest purchases, which has been a lot as I've been quite stressed for these past few weeks, I have treated myself to a thing or two. I'm really gutted as I went on my laptop to do an update, an sadly I cannot connect to the Internet. I can't find the reason why, everything else that needs to use a wireless Internet connection works fine but my laptop. So for now I have had to borrow my mum's iPad to write this blog, yes my own mother has an iPad an I don't lol. But I'll be getting my laptop fixed ASAP and will continue to blog my new goodies to my lovely followers. Take care, live long and prosper!! (my glasses tag would be here if I new how to do it on this iPad) Jen x

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