Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Barry M Nail Polish.

Barry M - 150 Glitter Red Nail Polish - Superdrug £3.99

On pay day from work, there are times were I like to treat myself to the latest beauty product or buy any products that catch my eye that I would like to try (ooh I rhymed). I saw this little nail polish on one of those days and couldn't get over the bright red sparkles in the bottle as I held it in my hand. I've wanted a glitter red polish one for a while but couldn't never quite find 'the one', as I found ones that were too dark, not as much glitter particles in it or the red glitter is used as a top coat base over another colour. I bought to give this a try and hoped for the best. As you can tell from the picture I was not disappointed, even with just one coat the sparkle and the colour is really strong. For my nails I painted two coats to make sure I had a even coverage.

 I feel like this type of colour works best with a tan (I use the St Moritz false tan from Home Bargain) as it makes it stand out more. I've had people commenting on this nail polish asking if I have it professionally done and if I've had this transfer sheet over them, when I tell them it's Barry M for a few pounds, the reaction is like 'shocked look' REALLY??.

I would recommend this product to try as I've had quite a few compliments and definitely getting my monies worth from this polish, even after wearing it since Saturday, only the odd nail is chipped slightly but it is passable to get away with on a daily basis and not having to re-do your nails again.

Hope you're well and staying dry as April showers is definitely living up to its name this week.

'Ray, if someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES! - Winston, Ghostbusters'

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